Mocha pro floating license timeout

Hi All,

We are trying write a script to free the occupied floating license which is not used for more than 1 hour or so.
(Idle/not used floating license to be used by others in need).

Is there any API or feature available to achieve the above result please guide.

Thank you

Oooh, useful. Let me tag @martinb who would know if we have parameters for that. Have you checked out our python guide? Boris FX | Mocha Python API

Hi @maryp thank you for the prompt response,
yes i tried with the python guide and couldn’t find what am looking for.
Thanks again

OK, @martinb might be able to help or we might have to add this as a feature request.

There is no current automated way to tell if a session is idle when the app is still open.

One way that could work would be to save a temp copy of your project via Python every hour and compare the files after the next hour completes and then quit the application if they are the same.

But to be honest, the most efficient way would be to ask your team to close the application when they are not using it! :grin:

If the license is not being released even after you close the application, that’s a different problem and you probably need to look at your ISV options file. There is an RLM guide here for server settings:

Hi @martinb
Thank you for the response we have planned similar way to run the script to determine the app’s idle time and remind artist to close the app.
However I thought there could be simplest way to find the license ping timing or any API to reduce the workload. will take a look at the link you have shared.

I agree to efficient way but there are sometimes artist forgot to close the application during the tight deadline and it causes the issue.

Thank your for your time @martinb and @maryp , really appreciate it.