Mocha Pro footage very dark

Hello, I just updated to the mocha pro 2020 AE plugin. I open a project that was done with mocha pro 2019 and my footage in mocha is now very dark.Looks like the gamma is off. The plugin is applied on a precomp so when I go to the clip settings to play with the the color space everything is grey out. How can I make my footage look normal like in the AE comp when I use Mocha? The small ‘brightness’ button at the top of the interface doesn’t help either. Thank you for any responses.

You may need to change your view colorspace if you’re working in a specific color workflow.

If you go to Viewer Preferences, there will be an option to change the Viewer Colorspace:

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Aha. There is a French Canadian expression that roughly translates to “I’m going to go to bed less dumb tonight”. Thank you. That corrected the problem.

I like that expression!

Note that we don’t have a saved preference for the OCIO settings yet, so you may need to redo the setting every time you enter the Mocha GUI. We’ll be addressing that in a later update.

Yes I did noticed that after I had to return to the plugin to make some changes. Good to know it will be addressed. Thank you again.

Are you sure Canada really something to do with this expression ? :smile:
Because it’s basically french, Quebec people just changed a word (bête → niaiseux, approximately silly to prick) :smiley:

Anyway, more seriously, I looked at the link but I’m not at my desk, with no Mocha here… Is there a way, on Mac, to make Mocha connect to the OS Colorsync profile this way ?
For the record, the “Use Mac Dsiplay Color Profile for viewers” :

Is this what OCIO can be compared to ?