Mocha Pro for After Effects - Remove with Clean Plates not working

I’m trying to remove some tracking markers from a piece of footage in Mocha Pro. To do this, I have to create a clean plate and remove the marker that way.

This works just fine within the Mocha Pro window itself. My tracking of each marker is adequate.
When I render a frame, the track markers are removed and it looks fine.

After that I save my Mocha project, close the Mocha window, and return to After Effects. When I go to Module Renders, set it to “Remove” and then check the box to fulfill the render within AE, the marks I’ve attempted to remove are still there as if I’d done nothing.

Furthermore, whenever I close my Mocha window and then return to it, my clean plate is suddenly broken and will not cover up the mark I’m trying to remove at all. To try again, I will have to re-import the tif file that I am using as the clean plate.

I have a fully up to date version of Mocha.

I’ve since discovered that the reason my clean plates no longer work after closing the Mocha window is that the frame number has been set to 0 instead of All in the cleanplates properties window.

If I set it back to All it will work again within the mocha window.

Rendering it in After Effects still does not work.

Sounds like the cleanplate workflow you are using might be the culprit.

Your cleanplates need to be at the location you took them from. Don’t set them to all. Set them to frame 1, for instance, or 32, 68, or whatever frame you took the plate from to begin with.

Can you try that and let me know if you get this sorted out.


I believe that worked. But the import was automatically set to All, I didn’t do that myself. Strange, but now I’ve worked it out. Thank you!