Mocha Pro for Autodesk Flame

Hi, I’m new here but have recently been using mocha pro for open fx in the Flame workflow.

Can anyone tell me if you can export a mesh track to Autodesk node much like a planar track does?



Welcome to the forums.
For Flame support, you can export the PowerMesh as an Alembic file, but note the Mesh is not a 3D mesh. We hope to add that feature in the future.

For many PowerMesh tasks in Flame, you may want to use the Mocha Pro insert or stabilize workflow that passes a rendered image back to Flame vs data.

This video covers using PowerMesh for Flame: Mocha Pro 2021: PowerMesh for Autodesk Flame - YouTube
and this video covers the Insert Module with mesh enabled. Its done in AE but same concepts work in Flame: Boris FX Mocha Pro: Add Face Paint with PowerMesh and the Insert Module - YouTube

Thanks for your reply Rosss.

I’m looking forward to testing this out.

Kind regards