Mocha pro for Nuke "Not Responding"

I use Mocha pro for Nuke.
When I am out from mocha , mocha can be shut down correctly.
But , sometimes massage of “Not Responding” is displayed in nuke.
Then I have to shut down the nuke.
Is there way to avoid ?
Or if it’s bag , please fix it.

nukeX ver 12.1v4
mocha pro latest

If Mocha is open, Nuke cannot be used. You need to close mocha first.

If you are having problems after Mocha is closed, then that is a different story.

Try downloading the latest v8.0.1 patch to see if that helps:

Yes, I know that when Mocha is open, Nuke cannot be used.
I try to install ver8.0.1, and use it for a few days.
Thank you.