Mocha Pro for Nuke object removal problem

I am learning Mocha Pro plugin for Nuke removal module and want understand if Mocha can remove the objects from any video in any difficult situations or not always?!

So I was following this tutorial - Mocha Pro Tips How to Remove a Moving Object - YouTube. But I am using my own different video as a practice example -

What I want is to remove the very last carriage of the train in that video but after doing everything that shown in that tutorial, I get some strange artifacts that look like blurry trail behind the carriage.

Can anybody tell me please why approach shown in the tutorial doesnt work for my specific video? Or maybe I need to use other Mocha Pro techiques to remove the last carriage or Mocha Pro plugin cannot help in this case and I need to do manual work in Nuke? Thanks

So basically my result of last carriage removal is very horrible and looks like this -

Hi there,

You need to roto the rest of the train out so you don’t leave the train pixels as part of the background pixels. Put a garbage mask around the train and put that on top of your remove layer, it should fix this issue immediately.


Thanks. Just tried this now. Yep, it looks much better. Thanks again!

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