Mocha Pro Functionality

Read the recent review of Mocha Pro in video maker and was wondering if this tool can help with a film project I am working on. I have a scene of the interior of an airplane and I need to replace what is currently being seen outside the airplane window. In the scene passengers arms are in constant motion across the window. I am pretty sure I can use a mask and change the shape on frame to frame basis, but I was thinking about rotoscoping since those tools seem to be able to create an outline pretty quick with just minor fixes between the frames. However rotoscoping seems to be for cutting objects out of the overall image that will be used within another. What I need it to do is to exclude the window so I can put a different background in. I am pretty new to composting and rotoscoping in general so I am not sure this is correct way to use these tools. Most/all of the tutorials focus on removing the roto object from the image not excluding/removing it. So is this the correct a!
pproach and does Mocha offer a solution? Any suggestions will be much appreciated