Mocha Pro is cropping my image - despite "Apply crop" is unchecked

I have a track for stabilization and centering around a specific area, which works good,
but it’s cropping the layer.
I need (of course!) everything of the original.

How to get that fixed?


Well, unless you have over-scanned frames you can’t get “everything from the original.” But you can try adding frames to the frame list (like the first frame and the last frame) to minimize cropping in the stabilize module and you can make sure you have cropping turned off in the module by checking off center, zoom, and apply crop.

Thanks, can you specify “overscanned” frames? I have unchecked center, zoom and apply crop.
Normally I’m expecting the software to keep everything, there is no reason to crop, because we will animate the footage later in a way, that we need everything, regardless how the stabilization was solved.
It’s 8k raw footage from a camera.

Sounds like you need to use a corner pin from the stabilize module and not the stabilize module for rendering, which will always be constrained by the footage size.

Over-scanned means having pixels available outside of the visible bounds of the screen.

By over-scanned frames I mean have you zoomed in on the 8K frame so you have pixels to work with when the stabilize module or corner pin of moves the image to be stable, because if there’s no pixel data for that coverage, it will just be black pixels.

I’m just using the full-frame as it is.
If there would appear black areas, it doesn’t matter. It’s now happening that up to 20% of the image were lost during the stabilization, because it’s a dolly track where the camera is slightly drifting.
So it would mean, that I would have to render at first the footage with black background as extra bleed (in a bigger canvas), in order to achieve, that MochaPro is not cropping.

I’m not sure how a Corner Pin would work here.
Gives it the same result as the standard Stabilize?
(I was using “X and Y Shear” and “Maximum Smoothing”)


What’s your host and are you in Mocha Pro standalone or the plug-in? I can give you a workflow.

That would be great. I’m using Aftereffects (2020 or 2021) on Windows 10 with the Mocha Pro plugin

OK, see if this does what you need…

  1. Make a larger comp in AE and drag your footage into it, you will have significant areas of black around the shot.
  2. Pre-comp that, move all attributes into the new composition, and apply a new instance of Mocha.
  3. In the clip tab, crop out the black areas with the dotted yellow lines.
  4. In the track tab, you will have to re-track this shot from scratch because you changed comp size.
  5. In the stabilize module, use your settings you need to get your shot stabiized.
  6. In the stabilized module, export a AE CC Power Pin
  7. Save and Close Mocha
  8. In AE apply your power pin.
  9. Now you should have your stabilization and if you need to reverse it you can use the power pin to do that as well with “invert.”

This should keep your pixel data available in it’s entirety, but you WILL still see black edges in your frames, you just should also be able to keep them in the comp though. If not, you need a larger comp to contain your footage. Let me know.


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Also, just to clarify, “Apply Crop” is applying the crop of the clip borders you define in the Clip module, not cropping the image to the stabilised borders. This is useful when you’re cropping in letterboxing from specific camera types.

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