Mocha Pro Masks not Loading into Ae

I did a roto in Mocha Pro. AE (CS5.5 Version it will not paste in any masks (I do get the spinning beach ball but nothing is pasted).

I down loaded and installed the latest update of Mocha Pro (v 4.1.3) and still the same non results.

I noticed in AE Plugin folder > Effects Folder> Imagineer > Mocha Shape Converter for AE and Mocha Shape for After Effects. Am I missing something to convert Mocha Masks??


Is this an After Effects Issue or Mocha Issue

Thank you

An idea that might help is related to how you paste. One way to ensure masks get pasted correctly is in AE and using the “Edit” pull-down menu and click on “Paste Mocha Mask.”

Unless I’m mistaken, using the EDIT menu is the only way to paste Mocha Masks. When choosing Paste or using the keyboard short cut of Command-V you are pasting a mocha shape. Am I possibly not choosing or not doing something in Mocha that would allow for me to past the masks?

Thank you for the feedback.

There are 2 ways to paste masks from mocha into AE:

  1. Standard paste (ctrl/cmd+V)
  2. Edit -> “Paste mocha mask” located near the bottom of the edit menu

However there may be a compatibility error between the CS5.5 and mocha Pro, as CS5.5 is older software.

Try pasting your shape data to a text file and remove this line from the data:

<?xml version=“1.0”?><Contour Version=“1.0”><Open>0</Open></Contour>

Then copy the whole text again and paste into After Effects.

Thank you Chris and Martin for the help.

Martin, the text file work around that you suggested works, even though it does requires additional steps of placing a keyframe on every frame in Mocha otherwise the mask does not exist on the frames without a keyframe, and then the removal of <?xml version=”1.0″?><Contour Version=”1.0″><Open>0</Open></Contour> from every frame of data in the text.

And again, unless this is also a CS5.5 issue, Edit Menu Paste or (Command V), does not place masks as both you and Chris said, it only pastes Mocha Shapes as effects. The only way I have to paste a mask is to use the Paste Mocha Mask from the bottom of the Edit Menu. If this is not the way its supposed to behave maybe there is a bug in my copy of After Effects that I need to address with Adobe. Please let me know. I’m really not interested in changing over to CC at this time but would like the smoothest and fullest use of all the programs, scripts, etc… that I have purchased.