Mocha Pro Mesh track usage question

So for say a seq from fr1001 > fr2001 …
If I trk from fr1001 to end the distortion of the texture fro fr1001 is to much by the end of the seq and vice versa trk from fr2001 > fr1001 the distortion is too much by fr1001.

Now I know I can export with different ref fr’s but what woud I do If I wanted to tweak the topology of the mesh at say fr1501 to better match my sorce texture at that frame and then clear the current analysis at that frame and track forwards and backwards so I can go between different meshes outside of Mocha in Nuke later ?

Is that even necessary ? If I tweak the topology of the mesh at fr 1501 will the analysis be any different ?


You could likely correct the movement either by hand animating the mesh itself OR using the Grid Warp in the insert module to cover that animation.

Or you could simply make composite patches on top of one another to handle the amount of motion, which I have done before.

Thx Mary - this is aleady an incredibly heavy shot so I’m loathe to try adding a meshwarp as well on top of everything it just won’t update fast enough to make any meaningful improvement.

But can I ask how exactly do I clear the Mesh analysis without starting over so I can preserve the topology of the mesh and use blendshapes later on in Nuke - it’s not clear to me which key’s I should be deleting ?

I am not talking about Nuke’s mesh warp, I am talking about the one Grid Warp built into Mocha’s insert module. It shouldn’t make anything slower.

You can just re-track frames you need, you don’t need to manually delete those keys.