Mocha Pro Module warp - making masks not work

Is there any way to have the Mocha Pro use the layer mask and/or other effects stacked before it without precomping?

I have nested Mocha Pro warps - one to stabilize, then I do some work, then I reapply the track. And sometimes up to 5 as I track detail to a moving patch ( cloth ) and then re-apply it to another moving cloth. Throw in a timewarp, some color correct, etc. that ends up being a lot of precomps.

I am sure AE does not make it easy for you but some FX have the option to apply to footage, footage and masks, or footage,masks, and effects.

Currently no, we can only apply to the input as the source clip in AE.
It’s fine for other software (Nuke, fusion etc) because the flow of output is node-based.

I’ll have to check how viable it is to apply the entire effect to the applied source. It’s possible to select input for other layers (For example, we allow this option for insert layers as secondary inputs), but for the actual layer we’re applying it to, it may not be as straightforward.