Mocha Pro Not Rendering

I’ve tried working inside Premiere and After Effects and Mocha Pro isn’t rendering. I’m trying to use the Insert Module. The insert looks good inside the plug in interface but when I exit back to the host and click the module render checkbox, nothing happens. Same thing seems to be happening inside Premiere as well.

MacPro Mojave 10.14.6
Mocha Pro 2021 v 8.0.0
Premiere 14.6
After Effects 17.5.1

Now I’m getting “Failed to Open File - File is corrupted or in an unsupported format”
It’s a prores422 file but now I’m getting this error no matter what file file I try to import to do the insert.

Old projects are behaving the same way as well.

I was able to get it to work (even using the “corrupted” media file) by using Insert Layer option instead of importing the media clip directly inside Mocha.

This could either be:

  1. Updating to mocha pro 2021
  2. Updating apple pro video codecs
  3. combination of both? That’s about all that’s changed since this started occurring.

In general we recommend importing via “Insert Layer” when using the plugin version. That’s the recommended workflow so all media is contained within the project.

External imports should only be necessary if you need to do multiple inserts. If an import fails, the next best solution is to convert that clip to an image sequence to avoid potential format errors.

However if it’s fine inside Mocha but not rendering to the timeline, that’s more concerning and we should get a copy of your project to take a look.

I’m having a similar issue with After Effects Windows 10. Rendering Remove in Mocha then selecting Render Checkbox and Remove in the AE effects doesn’t render. 2020 was working as expected in the same project before I updated to Mocha 2021. Render Insert does not appear to work either.

Also, clicking View Matte and Apply Matte has no effect

I converted my ProRes file to a TIF image sequence. When I import it, I choose Import, then I select the first file in the sequence and click import. It interprets the correct number of frames but when I try to render, only the first frame gets rendered as if it was a still clip. Am I importing it wrong?

Mocha Pro 2020
Newest version of Premiere. Using as a plug-in inside premiere.

Is the insert clip playing correctly in the Premiere timeline or is it a stillframe there as well?

It is a still frame in the Premiere timeline as well. But to be clear, you’re talking about the rendered effect, right? I’m not using Insert Layer - I’m trying to insert a numbered TIF sequence from inside the Premiere Plug in.

Right, inside premiere, is it a working tiff sequence OR is it still? If it’s still, that’s the issue. The source for the insert layer if you’re piping it in from premiere needs to be moving if you want the insert moving. That’s what I am trying to confirm.

Yes. I am able to import the TIF sequence inside premiere and it plays just fine.

FIXED: I’ve discovered that if I go into clip settings and change Before Start: from Repeat to Don’t Repeat and After End set to Ping Pong, then it works.

My inserted source footage is longer than the background tracked layer. Although the background tracked layer is shot at 59.94 fps and interpreted at 29.97 and the insert source is 420 frames. Duration of the track is 6.0 seconds (at 29.97) so that’s 180 frames. The insert TIF sequence is 420 frames so that should be plenty no matter how Mocha is reading the frame rate difference.

OK, thanks for the update. That makes sense.