Mocha Pro not stable on Fusion

Is anyone else having issues with mocha in Fusion? I tried on many versions and it’s always feels clunky, slow and buggy. I never got it to work well in Fusion ever since Mocha Pro V5. I keep having fusion crashing when I exit the mocha.
Compared to After Effects mocha feels overall much less stable, and it tracks much slower.
I wanted to move to Fusion but mocha isn’t reliable on it and I use it a lot.

Currently I am in the latest version of Resolve Studio and Fusion Studio. The problem applies to both.
It also Applies to Mac OS, same exact problem. Tried on different machines and it is he same.
It’s just something I noticed working on both software.

My PC specs are:

I9 7980XE 18C at 3.4Hz
64GB Ram at 3200
RTX 2080 TI with latest Studio Driver
Run Project from SSD Extreme 1GB speeds

I had exactly the same problem 1 year ago, but the issue is not with Mocha…the problem is Resolve and Fusion. These software are just horribly made. I use to work on it and it is like you said…slow, unstable, unprofessional. So the only way for me to solve it and to keep my clients was to buy Nuke Indie…and now guess what? works like a charm. My advice is: avoid Fusion at all cost.

I hope it help


Mocha Pro should be working in Fusion. But it’s a bit nuanced.

Mocha Pro does not “officially” support Resolve but it is clearly a gray area as we know a lot of users are running Mocha Pro with Resolve. Maybe this can help:

  1. Mocha Pro running in the Fusion standalone is fully supported.
  2. Mocha Pro running in Fusion page of Resolve is mostly working.
  3. Mocha Pro running in Resolves Color page works for roto/masking but modules that render like Insert and stabilization render slower than on other host platforms. (The Remove Module and MegaPlate have issues because they require access to multiple frames.) For these reasons, Boris FX does not fully qualify Mocha Pro OFX for Resolve.

Another option that some users take is to run Mocha Pro standalone in tandem with Resolve OR the run Mocha Pro plugin from within Resolve but Render out to file (then link the render back in) instead of rendering back in the host.

We’d love to have more Resolve users provide feedback on how Mocha Pro is working for them. A lot of the OFX support boils down to how the DaVinci team implements OFX.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Mary,

I’ll try in Fusion Standalone, but I always had issues in Resolve. The method I was doing lately was exporting a mocha project from the plugin, then closing the plugin makes fusion crash, then I open fusion, import the project and then it works. (Not always)

I only have the plugin version as I couldn’t afford the whole pack. Currently on all the plugin versions. if it doesn’t work well with the fusion standalone then I’ll let you know.

Thank you!

Hi Michael, I am honestly considering nuke Indie.
Do you have smart vectors in the indie Version? I noticed Nuke doesn’t work. Nuke X have and Studio. I am not sure about the Indie.