Mocha Pro not updating


I am running Mocha Pro (Mocha Pro Plugin 2019 Version 6.0.3 build 29.ge687ee832d2a Build Date Mar 23 2019) on windows 10 pro in both ae 2019 and pp 2019 (both ae and pp are all up-to-date)

Mocha updater had worked on the last (March) Mocha Pro update, but not recognizing current update.

Also, when I go into file → preferences → software update and check for updates, I get the following Mocha pop-up - “Failed to check for software update. Unknown error”. Then if I try to go into Mocha again ae or pp crash.

Any thoughts on how I can get my Mocha Pro Plugin 2019 pro working?

Thank you.

Thank you for letting us know. Can you try a full uninstall and then download the latest update off of

Try that and see if it corrects your problem. If you have any more questions I am happy to help you.


Hi Mary,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Before I saw your reply, I did go to the Boris site and download and install the new update. I did not do a full uninstall, but I do see that the new version is now active and working in both ae and pp. I did check the updater button that wasn’t working, and it still isn’t working - even in the new version. But it looks like I do have the new versions so no problem.

If I run into any further issues, I’ll let you know.

Thank you,