Mocha pro Nuke plugin

The ONLY issue I have with the mocha plugin for Nuke, is I cannot jump back to nuke while Mocha is open. So, for example, it would be nice to jump back to nuke while mocha is tracking a long shot.
From what I can tell, as long as mochapro node is active, you cannot return to nuke unless you close it.

Does anyone have a work around?

Hi, sorry i can’t help, I bought the standalone + plugin Mocha for similar reasons, what you’re asking for is basically that, an app that is able to disconnect itself from the host & so therefore creating a standalone version, $995 for the plugin, $1495 for the Plugin + Standalone, so i doubt you’re going to get a satisfactory workaround without paying the extra $500,

Well, I’ve worked before with the stand-alone version (back in the imagineer’s days)
From what I remember, you needed to do the typical open & locate the file. This was fine when I had 1 or 2 clips that needed tracking. However, when you have 20 - 30 clips to do, it can be a pain to open & locate each clip.

I fell in love with applying the plugin node which auto opens the file AND frame # (so quick & easy)
The only draw back is not having the ability to jump back to nuke while mocha is tracking.

Ha, where’s the suggestion box on the site?

Thanks for the reply

Yeah even having the Standalone i have to work on separate instances, save n open in one or the other, I think at least for me with the standalone & plugin it would be nice to do as you are asking, I guess with the plugin it’s working off the files in the host, for you to go back & work in the host as well as Mocha is tracking it would need a disconnect & so loose the connection, :man_shrugging:
I wonder though if that could be implemented, maybe they could put a restriction that it can only be opened from a host & therefore still classed as a plugin but it works as you are wanting,?

Unfortunately, that’s a limitation of using the plug-in, it is like that in every software and while we have looked for a workaround, we have not found one yet that isn’t using a standalone if it’s a dealbreaker for you. I understand it is a pain, but it’s a limitation to how OFX plugins work for us right now.

Yeah, its wishful thinking on my part. For most one on one workflows, it’s not a pain at all. However, when you’re in “batch mode” & " multi-tasking", that’s when I feel the limitations.

HA, to my point, I am tracking in Mocha as I am typing this letter. If I had to type in Nuke, I would have had to wait till the tracking was done. :smile:

Thanks for the reply!