Mocha Pro OFX - Disappearing Shortcut Functionality

I’m trying to use mocha to do more of my roto and finding more issues the more I push it.

Currently I keep coming across an instance where Mocha’s built in hotkey’s Z, X, Q, tc stop working - the individual tools still work selected manually but then that’s not really efficient.

Is this a known problem ? Has anyone else experienced this ?


Hi, what version of mocha are you using? This sounds like an older bug, but should be fixed in more recent versions of mocha. The best place for bug reports is here: Boris FX | Open a Case

That way we can add them to our database and keep track of them.


Andrew, this sounds like something that happens to me all the time. Do you have “show zoom windows” turned off? If you do, the windows are still there you just can’t see them. So if you zoom over one of the hidden windows you can make it gigantic without even knowing it. Then your hotkeys are working on the hidden windows so it seems like nothing is happening. If you turn on “show zoom windows” you will probably see a giant zoom window and you can re-position it and get back to work. This seems like a bug to me - I reported it a long time ago but it’s still there.

If you want to test: zoom one of the zoom windows really big then hide it. Now try using your hotkeys - nothing will seem to happen. Un-hide the zoom windows and shrink them down/move them out of the way and you will be back to normal.


Brian Battles - -now theres a name that brings all the good old bad old days back - good to know there’s still some old IFFT guys around in the seat !

Thx Brian I will check that out and see …

Best Wishes

Andrew Mumford

Ha ha, yeah, kind of like a Bigfoot sighting.

This is a bug that I too have reported years ago and it still exists today. Incredibly frustrating.

Frankly, I wish I could completely nuke this “feature”. I don’t ever use it and I wish there was an option in the preferences to completely disable it. Instead, I’m forced to turn it off every time I open a new instance of Mocha.

It’s been years Mocha team, please fix this.

Yeaaah… sorry about that. :grimacing:

It’s been on our TO DO list for a long time but higher priority bugs have always pushed it to the side. We’ll do our utmost to get it in this time.