Mocha Pro OFX for Fusion troubles

I’ve run into erratic behavior of the Mocha Pro plugin in Fusion. When tracking sometimes the tracking stops with some type of error that the image cannot be accessed. And from that point tracking is not possible at all. There is nothing in the image that should it prevent from tracking.
Sorry I don’t have any better description at this point - but the plugin is not working at all for me and I switched to Mocha standalone.
Secondly I wonder how I could prevent Fusion from caching to memory, and clear all Fusion caching, since all the memory is needed for Mocha.
Third, sometimes Fusion is crashing in the background, while I was working in Mocha OFX, and when I close Mocha Fusion is crashed and all the Mocha work is lost - it happened just one time in Fusion standalone, but it happens regularly when using Fusion inside Resolve, so much that the Mocha plugin inside Resolve is not usable. Something to do with memory corruption. I turned down memory usage of Resolve to minimum but it still crashes.

Mocha Pro 2021 8.0.0
Fusion 17.0 21 beta
Windows 10
Memory: 128GB

I should add, when tracking fails in Mocha OFX, the image is still there, nothing seems missing, but for some reason it can’t track anymore. Doesn’t happen in the standalone version.

Thank you, we will try to test more in Fusion and see if we can repeat this.

A few things here we can address:

  1. Update to v8.0.1. We fixed a lot of bugs. :slight_smile:
  2. Try rolling back to the non-beta version of Fusion. Being a beta, there may be some issues.
  3. If you’re concerned about memory, you can throttle it in Mocha preferences. We currently try to utilize 80% of memory which may be to high for your setup
  4. A read-in issue can depend on the format you’re reading with. What is is the format and codec you’re using, and are there any nodes between the media node and the Mocha node?
  5. Check your GPU setup in both applications. Is the plugin using the same resources in GPU as the standalone?