Mocha Pro OFX in Linux Flame 2021.1 Issues

New to using Mocha in Flame. Running into a few issues that are making things difficult. Fist off Mocha is opening at an over-scaled size, so I cannot get the whole GUI on the screen at the same time. I’m trying to use it, but opening and closing menus to see the dopesheet and tracking parameters, then closing so I can see the tracking timeline is time consuming. I also get a dialogue box every time I open Mocha. Cannot find any way to scale it down to a usable size.

Next issue: When I open the OFX, I get a black dialogue box that says “Welcome to Mocha Pro Plugin 2020.5” and if i hit the “Wait” button enough times, I can usually get it to work well enough to track something. Just test tracking at the moment since i’m new to how it integrates in Flame and trying to get up to speed. Closing Mocha also sometimes takes flame down with it… Never sure when that is going to happen, it seems to be random.

My next question is probably user error, but figured I’d see if anyone knew. When i’m tracking for the clean plate function and want to export a frame for cleanup, the only export option I have under export frame is an .EXR, which is not what I want at all on the current project. All I need is an old school .Tiff or something similar and I cannot figure out how or where to change that export. Hoping this is an option i’m somehow missing that’s right under my nose.

Thank you in advance with any help or guidance.