Mocha Pro OFX Manual Track problems

I have a section in a shot where bg person I am tracking is completely obscured by fg person and I want to manually offset my track from last good frame to next good frame.

So dropped back to manual track and I’m trying to use the planar surface controls to move the roto shape and the root shape does not want to follow any movements I make on the planar surface ?

What am I doing wrong ?


Hi there,

Make sure the manual track is creating keyframes. If it is not, try clearing your cache and restarting mocha, and see if that fixes your issue for you.

I had a chance to look at this again on another shot that I wanted to finish the track on manually and I can confirm it’s still a problem seems like dragging the edges of the Planar Surface only intermittently “register” and the Root Splines update to the new position.

That is the procedure for adjusting a manual track isn’t it ?

Yes, I have been testing this and I think this is a bug. I will send it in to our dev team. It absolutely should be updating.

So nice to find an actual bug instead of ones that only happen for me on my home m/c …

FYI - this also seems to be affecting “Adjust Track” - I’m imagining adjusting the offsets should affect the position of the planar surface as well - currently it doesn’t appear to …