Mocha Pro OFX Plugin not allowing frame range update


I am basically having the same issues as are listed in the article below:

I have a comp in Fusion Studio 17 where I updated the plate (which has a different frame range from the original plate that the mocha tracking was done on). This was done inside fusion using the mocha plugin. No matter what combination I try (new mocha node, etc), Mocha still will not update with a new frame range. Is there an update to Mocha where this issue is addressed or is there a work around?

I am using Fusion 17.4.6 with Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5 / version 9.5.4 / sept 14, 2022 build date

Hi there,

I assume you’re following up from the email discussion we have so I’ll continue the discussion here as well.

Just an update on this: It appears rebooting Fusion fixes the problem, which points to a potential caching issue. We’ll see if there’s a way to call Fusion to refresh, but we suspect clearing the cache manually is going to be the way to go.