Mocha Pro OFX Plugin shapes coming in at wrong size

I’m using the trial of the Mocha Pro OFX plugin for Fusion.

I’m roto’ing a Plate that is 8K, but is being sized down to 2049x1080. A Mocha Pro tool is being added after the resize, where the work is being done, but when the shapes are copy/pasted back into Fusion they are coming in at 1920x1080 which obviously isn’t lining up right.

Anyone know what’s going on?


Do you happen to be working in a proxy mode? If so, you need to work in full mode to export the shapes at the right size, otherwise it is literally exporting shapes at the resolution of the proxy.

I think I found out my issue.

It had to do with what resolution was set in the Comp settings in the Fusion preferences.

I changed those to 2K, went into Mocha and copy/pasted the shapes back in and they came in at the right size.