Mocha Pro OFX Release - Spline preview in Stabilise not locking too mesh?

When previewing a stabilized mesh to confirm track quality the spline overlay does not confirm to the online of the tracked mesh, despite following along correctly in the track tab - is this a known issue ?


In the stabilize tab? If so, not a known issue so much as an expected behavior. We can put a feature request in though if you’d like it to follow. Splines do not follow either.

A similar bug existed in the beta in the track tab that was fixed - was hoping this was just another instance that needed the same fix …
I’m sure there’s more to it than that but would be nice as it’s confusing visually.

They never have in the stabilize tab. Let me ask @Martinb to confirm.

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Planar stabilized splines works, but yes, mesh warp stabilize is not fixing the spline to the mesh. I’ll check to see if that’s an easy fix.