Mocha Pro OFX

Just downloaded Mocha Pro 2020 OFX, The Paintbrush tool alone makes it worth the money happy day’s.

Oh yes, it’s rather excellent. Making it bigger use the square ] key and [ to make it smaller. Going towards Graphics Tools is a great move of MOCHA, I could do with an Paint Eraser tool.

Hi biggrszie can’t you eraze with the new area brush tool?. Maybye I. am wrong, still trying to take it all in.

Hey Guys. I believe you can erase any portion of a generated stroke if you hold down the opt/alt key.

I thought I noticed that Peter, as I said I am still getting my head round the new features, but to be honest it is some peace of kit and worth every penny

Area Brush shortcuts:

[ key - scale brush radius down
] key - scale brush radius up

Subtract (Erase) in Quick Mask Mode:

Alt + paint (Windows)
Option + paint (macOS)

This is all good news. I had a Chat session with a BORIS person and was told I had to remake the Mask!

“ once it becomes a spline after your click out of the paint you can delete some points. But most likely you will need to re roto ” hmm…

Many thanks Peter, I’ll have a go tomorrow.

Thank’s for the tip rosss1, all help gratefully received

Yes, once it is converted to a spline you can no longer erase the area brush. That is true. You can also use the eraser end of a Wacom tablet to erase while using the area bush, which is handy.


Hi Mary, I have a Wacom never though to use the eraser, thank’s for the tip. Really happy with the new upgrade I got ,keep up the good work.

Am I correct the 2020 Webinar is at 4:00 am in Scotland if so that’s a tough one

It’s 11am for me in Los Angeles, I think that does work out to an unpleasant Scotland time. However, we do record them all and put them online within a few days, so even if you miss it live, it’s available for you to replay.


Thank’s for the quick reply Mary, I might just set the alarm. I am really keen to see how everything new work’s, ASAP

Well the time differential between LA (PCT) and Scotland (GMT) is only 8 hours so if the webinar is at 11:00 am local time in LA that would make it a live event at 7 pm local time in Scotland.

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That’s great Peter, can never understand all the time zone’s. Thank’s for the info much appreciated.
Best Regards

You’re most welcome! And that’s a heck of a lot better than getting up at 4am!! :slight_smile:


You better believe it, really looking forward to it, tell Mary to take it a little slow, :grin:
Best Regard’s

I mean, I am right here. :wink: I’ll try to go at a slower pace, but we have a lot of content to cover in a short time. That being said, I’m trimming down as we speak to make it succinct and paced.

Hi Mary, this is not a complaint. I know you have a lot to get through but if things go too quick I lose the plot. I ain’t getting any younger and this is like a lot of people new technology and takes time to sink in

Best Regards

Oh, I know, I am teasing you!

I totally get it.