Mocha Pro Plugin Crash (OFX), error and freeze on loading project

Currently using Mocha Pro Plugin (OFX, version 5.1.0 build 12413) within Fusion Studio 8.2 and am running into crashes, lost work and corrupted files. After the crash, when attempting to load the fusion project file, Mocha throws the following error;

Failed to allocate memory buffer.
Please free up system memory by closing other applications.”

(57Gigs of free memory when this popped up)

it then freezes at 95% of loading project and I need to manually kill the process.

The problem was worse when Mocha was using the GPU but has been more stable since I turned off “Track using GPU”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is corrupting the mocha tracking and also my fusion comp file since Mocha is run immediately upon loading the comp file.



Hi Steph,

We think this is probably related to a memory bug we have been seeing and we are currently working on a solution. Can you make sure that you have the latest version of your video card driver installed on your machine and let us know if that helps?


Thanks Mary!

I checked my drivers but looks like I am already running the latest video card drivers from NVIDIA.

Looking for forward to a fix and using the GPU.


Hi Steph,

Thanks for reporting this. We have someone investigating the crash bug and will have a fix for this asap.
If you would like to be on the beta list to test this as soon as possible, please fill out this form and i’ll invite you to the main beta forum: mocha v5.5.2 Prerelease signup Survey

Can you please let us know the steps and footage details of the Fusion crashes you are experiencing? Obviously the load bug is very important to fix, but i’m more concerned to hear you’re getting frequent crashes!
What are the pixel dimensions, length and bit depth of the footage you are using in Fusion? Can you email us your mocha error log from the help menu?
You can contact me directly here: martinb[at]

The footage I was tracking, for the most part, was:

HD 1920x1080, 8Bit TIF files with varying lengths from about 100 frames to 1000.

I’ll email out the log.


I have the same problem in Davinci resolve . when I used Mocha OFX plugin , in resolve .When I send my video to mocha it just sends one frame .

The OFX plugin is not officially supported in DaVinci Resolve yet.

Are you using the Studio version?

Yes , but I update my resolve 11 to 12 to use the benefit of Mocha OFX plugin also it does not match with Bcc fx 10 (beauty Pack )

Currently, it is only officially supported in Fusion and Nuke. The mocha PixelChooser for BCC is a separate application.

Even though it is not fully supported, I am curious, are you running 5.2.0 of the OFX plugin?