Mocha Pro plugin in After Effects

Hi, is there a way to use the Mocha Pro OFX plugin in Adobe After Effects. i looked online and found instructions, but i think it was for the stand alone version.

You can get the Adobe plugin: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2021

There are three formats for the plugin version of Mocha Pro:

  • The OFX plugin (For Nuke, HitFilm, Fusion, Resolve, Vegas, etc.)
  • The Adobe plugin (for Premiere and After Effects)
  • The AVX plugin (for Media Composer)

Then there is the Standalone version.

Thanks for the information Martin, Do I have to buy another plugin?, or can the one I have be changed over to After Effects?

It depends on your license. You’re probably best opening a case with support to check this:

Hi Martin, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will contact the people concerned and see if anything can be done about it.