Mocha Pro Plugin not rendering

Hello, I’m having an issue with the Mocha Pro remove module rendering in AE

So I start in Premiere. Select my clip → Edit Original. In AE, I open up the Mocha Pro plugin.
In Mocha Pro, I do my remove. I render the entire clip and looks perfect. Click save,then exit.

In AE, I select Remove module in dropdown and click the Render checkbox. Press spacebar to render, and nothing happens.
I uncheck and recheck Render and try again. Nothing.

I go back into Mocha and the remove doesn’t render anymore. For it to work, I have to go into the Clip tab, remove the cleanplate. Back in the Remove tab, I import the clean plate and the remove works again. Click save, then exit. AE still does not render the remove.

Any ideas?

Mac Mini M1
Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.2
Premiere Pro 14.9.0
After Effects 17.0.0
Mocha Pro Plugin 8.0.2

What happens if you try to get Premiere to render the clip in the timeline as opposed to the “automatic” timeline render?

Hi Mary,
I tried rendering in Premiere, and the render does nothing. Just the same clip.
Like I said before, in AE, if I open up Mocha Pro again, all my tracks are there but nothing gets removed when I render in the Remove tab. I have to manually remove the cleanplate and re-add it before the remove module will work again. Definitely seems like something isn’t saving from Mocha to AE

Ok. Interesting. I’d probably have to see it. Can you email me at maryp at and I will set up a time to remote into your machine and take a look?