Mocha Pro Plugin - Remove


I just bought Mocha Pro Plugin for AE, and I’m working in CC 2014.2. I’ve also tried this in 2015.3 with the same results.

I’m trying to do a simple Remove shot. I have it working perfectly within Mocha Pro Plugin. It Removes like magic. The trouble is, when I flip back to AE, and I click ‘Render’ in the Module Renders, and choose Remove, nothing happens.

Other parts of the plugin are working-- the Mattes, the Insert Module-- just not Remove.

I’ve been working on one shot for hours and hours, clearing caches, rebooting. It’s a 2k DPX, 2:1 aspect ratio, 23.976. I also tried Pre-Rendering it to Prores. Recently, I switched to another shot, another resolution and codec, and no luck with that either.

I’m near tears trying to get this to work. =’( Any help would be appreciated.

(Side Note: When I try to edit my forum profile, it demands an email address, but I don’t see a form where I’d enter one.)


Hi Eric,

If it’s working perfectly in the mocha GUI and not in the plugin, something odd must be happening.
Can you send me the project please: martinb[at]

In the meantime as a workaround, you can render the remove to file from “Export rendered clip” inside the mocha GUI. This will at least allow you to keep working while we sort out what is going on with your project.

I can’t explain why, but it started working. I think it’s because the computer wanted to break my spirit. It did.
But I pulled myself together, and got the shot done.

I appreciate the reply. Thanks!

I’m glad your computer has suddenly decided to be nice to you!

Let us know if you hit the same wall again.