Mocha pro plugin

Hi,just loaded the new Mocha Pro Plugin for Hitfilm. I tried to camera solve, but back in Hitfilm i get the nuls but no photo, same applys when i export. I know it is probabily me, things were easier with the last version.

Do you mean that you only get nulls and no 3D camera? Sorry, I want to make sure I understand correctly. Can you walk me through your workflow?

Hi Mary. Well start at the beginning. I loaded the plugin into Hitfilm Pro 2019 and when I tried activate it it kept on crashing with a -1 code I was in constant chat with Boris yesterday with no resolution. So this morning I tried again to activate and it activated,I thought someone had fixed it over night but Michael the Boris rep said no.Anyway I tried to camera solve and took it into Hitfilm. the Nulls were all present but no video footage, I tried to export with the same result.Not much more I can say or think of.

Hi Mary just remembered when this all happens it is a blue screen with the Nulls,don’t know if this helps.maybe I am wrong but when I go back into Hitfilm there are no signs of the nulls I have to click the video away and when I bring it back it is only the blue screen and nulls

Do you have a case I can refer to? Or did you call support?

All I can say is a lad called Michael Roads is the person I was dealing with. He was supposed to get back to me but nothing yet. I thought maybe wrongly he was on to support about the problem. Happy for any help you can give me…Rick

Michael Rhodes

Let me run this past our product specialists and let you know any advice.


This is what I got today Mary