Mocha Pro Plugins OFX Davinci Resolve

Moved from Davinci Resolve to Mocha Pro.
tracking went well
in the Parameters window, Remove tab
Create Clean Plate saves tiff
I open it in photoshop and there are wrong colors

if I do the same from Premiere pro or immediately in Mocha Pro, then the colors are correct.


Do you apply Mocha on the Edit, Color, or Fusion tab?
What is your color space set in Resolve, and is there any color correction applied?

P.s: Based on your username, I would suggest that we could use your native language to avoid any misunderstandings, or you can write me a DM.

i tried with braw source files. tried with the final mp4 file without applying any changes.

tried to apply in Edit and in Color, the result is the same

REC.709 color space

Even thought it looks different in Photoshop, it should actually match the original once you import that back into Mocha and render inside Remove module. Is it is like that for you?

However, if you want it to look the same in Photoshop, you may try enabling Proof Colors, like this:

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Super, the color switch helped! When I use Mocha + Adobe, there is no such problem, there is immediately the right color

Great that it worked for you!

This is due to plugin in Adobe can export 8/16/or 32 bit image, depending on your composition settings. And for Resolve it will always be a 32-bit file, which doesn’t quite match the Photoshop default state.

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Hello. Started processing BRAW using a new color correction method. Now I have a gray color when switching to Mocha Pro, how can I fix this?

This happens because I don’t have the Apply LUT option
but I don’t need her
how to work then?

DaVinci Resolve has great support of BRAW as they’re both product of Blackmagic. By default, Resolve applies gamma correction to the imported BRAW material. Mocha does not do this.

What you see in Mocha - is the raw log material, the way how it was shot, without applying any gamma correction. You can use Preprocessing, or viewer Brightness & Gamma controls to make image look more pleasing to your eyes.

Alternatively, you could turn your clip into Compound or Fusion clip, and then apply Mocha effect afterwards. This way the color should pass through.

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thanks it worked