Mocha Pro powermesh. Any tutorials for Davinci Resolve

I love the new Mocha Pro powermesh with AE! but Iam mostly a Davinci Resolve user and would love to use powermesh in Davinci. Been trying for hours to figure it out. And spending so much time just looking for just one tutorial on using the new Mocha Pro powermesh in Davinci Resolve. So ANY help at all would be SO appreciated! Thank You very much.

Wow! Grow up RavenZ the BorisFX folks are some of the finest in the business.


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Thanks for the support, David. Profanity and flaming are not acceptable behavior in these forums.

Hey there - thanks for the interest in PowerMesh. Unfortunately we still consider Mocha Pro officially unsupported on Resolve. We know there are many Resolve users who have pushed past the limitations and do successfully use Mocha Pro in this host, but do to issues with the OFX format, Mocha in Resolve can be quite slow and not all modules work. For this reason, we do not officially support Resolve.

Mocha Pro OFX is supported on Fusion, however. For PowerMesh there would be a few workflows:

  1. Reverse stabilizing using Mocha node to render, comping your work and than adding the motion back in.
  2. Using the PowerMesh export to Alembic. Here this video shows that workflow in Fusion: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2021: Alembic Exports for Nuke, Fusion, and C4D
  3. Using PowerMesh for roto work - export to Fusion. Export workflow for shape layers still relevant: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 5: Fusion Shape Export

Hope this helps.

I have removed and banned this user from our forums.

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