Mocha Pro (premiere) stab not working

take a shaky piece of footage from a fixed camera position into premiere (CC23) onto an oversizes canvas (size depends on the motion)
open mocha, track and stabilize the back ground with no motion and max smoothing.
preview is mocha will confirm the background is now rock solid.
close out into premiere, and select the stabilize module as render
play back (or scrub) to see the “stabilization”. the clip is moving into the opposite side of what the tracking data is saying, exaggerating the motion by 2x.

rinse & repeat in after effects, and the clip will be rock solid.

conclusion: premiere CC23 is interpreting the tracking data inverted?

can this be fixed somehow, please?

I just tried to reproduce this with Premiere 2023 and latest Mocha Pro build - everything works fine for me, Stabilization renders as expected.

Can you share what system you on, and what Mocha build are you using?
That will help to debug, if this is really a bug. Also would be nice to have screen recording

I just tried it on another clip, same results, stab goes totally bonk.
clip, mocha and screen recording: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free (exp nov 11, 2022)

opening the clip in AE, loading the mocha file will result in none of the layers working (can’t select/edit the splines, and the size is 2x off), and i need to re-do the whole track again…

Ok, I spent more time with that and was able to reproduce it.
Issue really starts to be noticeable only when the canvas gets much bigger than the source. It’s not exaggerating by 2x, but the more you enlarge the canvas, the more noticeable drift becomes.

I tried to import your Mocha project in AE - it opens OK and all the shapes sits in place. Meaning, you do not have to redo the work from scratch, just use “Replace with AE composition” feature. Try not to go super crazy with the resolution, set it just enough to compensate the movement. Here’s a video demonstration, let me know if that works for you.

But we should definitely discuss with the team if it possible to get the same behavior straight in the Premiere, without jumping to AE. Thanks for bringing this to light

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Thanks for looking into it and putting it into the bug fix cue