Mocha Pro : problem with tracking data pasted in AE


I’m having problems after making tracks in Mocha pro (2021) and trying to paste the data (transform, but also corner pin) in AE. While the tracks are almost perfect, when the data is pasted in AE, the objects/layers I apply the data to are drifting and do not seem to be like the tracks I got in Mocha pro.
Could you tell me what could be wrong ? I never got this problem before.
I tried pasting a mocha mask and the mask sticks perfectly…

Below is a link to examples with the tracking In mocha pro, the result with pasted tracking data in AE, and the pasted mocha mask in AE.

Tracking problem example

Thanks for your help !


Hi there, your mocha track video only shows the shape and not the track. Can you turn the surface tool on and see if the surface tool is rock solid or if it is also bouncing?

The surface tool is what the track is doing. The shape is animatable and will not control the track, just where the track is looking.

You may need to retrack the balloon OR use adjust track for best results.

Hi Mary, thanks for your answer.

the surface tool looks fine too, here’s the video.

Tracking with surface tool

As there “seems” to be no drifting in mocha, I don’t understand why there is drift to the object/layer I paste the transform data to. Or is there something I am missing ?

Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Hi, yes, that track does look like it is sticking well. OK, so now we have to figure out where the data misinterpretation is coming from.

Are there any retiming effects on the shot?
Are there any effects at all applied to the elements you are trying to drive with the track?
Are the objects you are trying to drive with the tracking data the same size as the comp, and if not, are you using align surface on the frame where the objects should align?
Are there any other transforms on the objects like position or rotation?
In your footage interpretation in AE (in the project panel), is the frame rate the SAME as the composition frame rate? *this is a biggie

Can you let me know the answers to these questions and we will be able to pinpoint the issue?