Mocha Pro - Problems tracking wooden floor (tripod pan)

I’m having issues or just no sucess tracking this wooden floor. As i would like to remove the robotic vaccum clenar.
So I got my FG masks covering, even the shadows from the vaccum cleaner but even tracking small or bigger parts of the floor just give me bad results and the track is slipping. I’m very used with mocha pro but this I don’t really can get my head around. The planar floor should be very easily tracked with the wooden texture.
The camera movement is a tripod pan from right to left.

Any tips on this?

Using Mocha pro Adobe plugin, Version 9.5.1 build 25.gb140f1dce2c8

Lots of shadows and reflections on that floor. I’d do this:

Create a holdout for the Roomba and its shadows.
Track the lines in the floor only, and the bottom of the moulding. If you can grab some wood grain that does not have moving shadows or reflections, you can add a shape around that section.

If that STILL won’t work, try turning perspective tracking off.

If that still won’t work, try translation only and use adjust track to fix perspective.

You can track this, you just have to be aware that shadows and reflections are occlusions to the texture Mocha is tracking.

Of course! Should have tried that myself :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks alot, worked wonders :smiley: