Mocha Pro Remove Crashes Resolve 17

Trying out the remove tool in Resolve Studio 17.1.1 When I render the remove in Mocha I don’t see a change. When I save the project and go back into Resolve OFX panel and select render remove it crashes R17. I see that some folks are having issues with the remove tool in Resolve. Perhaps I need to try this in Fusion? Thx.

Hi Chad,

I recommend checking your GPU settings inside Mocha. If you have more than one GPU output, setting the GPU as the “Display” GPU can stop crashes.
Resolve sometimes forces a GPU switch which can cause instability (especially on dual monitor workspaces), so defining the GPU that has (display) after its name in mocha preferences can avoid this problem. You’ll need to reboot Resolve after you make this change.

What system is this on? We don’t fully support the OFX plugin in Resolve Color or Edit as there are slow Remove render issues and instability problems on Linux at the moment.

If you’re not seeing a remove inside Mocha, that is probably a workflow issue, however. We’d need to see your setup.

Thanks Martin. I am out of the studio today but will be back in tomorrow and give this a shot. Running 2019 MacPro with one AMD W5700x running dual monitors 96gigs of RAM

Hi Martin

Today I changed the GPU setting to display and was able to get the remove to render in Mocha. Very nice. Then once back in Resolve Studio 17.1.1 the remove is not there. Then selecting Module Renders/Render/Remove Resolve is then able to render the remove without crashing.

Would I gain anything by running another graphics card? Speed wise?


Hey Chad!
As Martin mentioned, we don’t officially support Resolve as a Mocha Pro host because the Remove module is still very slow when rendering back to Resolve. This is due to the way Resolve gives OFX plugins access to the temporal frames in a timeline, so a faster graphics card will probably not make a difference.

The good news is that if you can successfully render while in the Mocha Pro UI, the most efficient thing to do is export your rendered clip (from File>Export Rendered Clip). Doing this and then linking back in will be a lot faster than rendering back in the Resolve UI.

Alternately, you should be able to get decent remove renders in Fusion.

Hey Ross!
I tried bringing the clip into Fusion (the one running inside Resolve not the stand alone) and when I go to track the clip, Fusion is looking at the entire clip. Not the 5 sec that is used in the film. So I stopped the track and selected the remove tool, saved and went back to Fusion and selected the render button and R17 crashed.

Perhaps rendering out of Mocha is the best workflow for now. I will also say that I am finding Resolve Studio 17.1.1 to be very inconsistent in its operations. Sometimes things work and on the next clip it won’t.