Mocha Pro Remove Problem - Urgent Please Help!

I am following this video to remove a logo using clean plate

But when I create the clean plate, the created file have strang extension! It supposed to b e TIF but it is EXR which not supported by my image editor! How to make Mocha Pro export the clean plate in TIF format?

If you need something inexpensive that supports EXR (and a lot more) give this a try Affinity Photo – Professional Image Editing Software

Thanks but I don’t want to spend more money, I want Mocha Pro to export the clean plate in a standard TIFF format as it supposed to.

I have used it once last month and was able to export the clean plate in TIFF format so is it the last version that changed it from TIFF to uncommon EXR and why?

What version of MP are you using?

exr is an film industry standard format.

Try this…

Open MP, go to the prefs under the Clip tab. What are your setting for integer and float cleanplate format?

Are you still having issues with this or are you all set with Ross’s screenshot?