Mocha Pro - Save?

Hi, i’ve just been practicing with open splines isolating this tree from the fx,
I’ve created a lot, ( a lot for me anyway :joy:) & don’t want to loose them so I - Exported Project :+1:
but to then Save as i work i have to keep going to File - Export Project - Overwrite file,
Is there an easier way to keep saving, the Save Project button doesn’t seem to update the exported project, so if not can I request a simple on screen Save button/icon that does update the exported project in the plugin version?

Working with the plugin, I’d already Exported the project after doing the top half of the tree, :+1:

I did more work on the bottom half of the tree, Save project - (didn’t Export Project)

back in Vegas it’s updated, :+1:

but if i open the project in Mocha Standalone, only the first Export Project i did is there,

(BTW I’ve exported this so i’m not looking for a recovery of the project :wink:)

The export project option is a specific file export function. It doesn’t relocate the saving to the external file.

Whenever you save, it is saved to the host project space, not the external file.

In the light versions of Mocha (Mocha AE, Mocha BCC etc) we have limited export capabilities. In Mocha Pro however, it would be possible to extend the exporting to file.

In fact, you could probably even do this yourself now, as we have external saving capabiltiies with the Python API.

For example, this script would save the file to a new file location any time you ran it:

proj = get_current_project()

At any point if you want to save the project again, you can use:

This will save to the project file you defined with save_as().

If you initialised this small script as a tool, you’d then be able to display it as a button or menu item in the interface.

The Python API is a easy hole to fall down, so let me know if you want to know more about this approach.