Mocha pro stabilize - Can never get it working :(

I have a few questions about mocha pro stabilize. I never get good results :frowning: :frowning:

I have uploaded 3 videos clips (on one mp4 file).

Clip 1) How can I keep this teddy in the central of the frame, its jumping up and down. I did this about 30 times last night and cant get it perfect, or cant see any difference.

clip 2) How can I keep the board in the central of the frame, without cropping?

Clip 3 ) From youtube, I did this as a test, I want to see could I get a good stabilize footage of this jumping video of this girl wanting the street with a go Pro camera. I did this a few times, and gets any any good results, sometimes the background or objects looks very jitterily.

Looking at videos on youtube, but cant get any good results with the mocha pro stabilize with moving clips.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

With all stabilize footage you need to have a rock-solid track first.

  1. Where are you tracking the Bear? For a stable shot I would suggest tracking its forehead. do you want complete lockdown, or just x/y/rotation camera stabilization?
  2. Track the board in perspective. Avoid the playing pieces as they are non-planar. You are unlikely to be able to fully stabilize this without losing some edges to cropping
  3. You’re not going to be able to fully avoid the “jelly” in this shot because of rolling shutter in the GoPro footage (unless you’re using a fairly modern GoPro camera). The cloud in the sky is probably your most stable point, but again, it depends on whether you’re trying to stabilize the background or her.

Hello Mocha Team!

Having the same problem, :confused: only I am working with VR, so I am using Mocha VR… My tracking is rock solid, planar surface is adjusted properly, but the stabilization/reorient doesn’t do a thing. Tried to re-track, re-adjust, re-make everything over and over - no result. Please help, I have high hopes for Mocha, and want to be able to use in for many upcoming projects of editing underwater footage, that needs stabilization.
Thank you in advance,

Can you tell me the exact steps you’ve done in Reorient that lead to the problem? Is the horizon line set?

Hello and thank you for the fast response!

After tracking was done, I went to the reorient module, selected all layers and adjusted the horizon line (it only needed a slight adjustment). Then I hit the gear icon - Render Forwards. After that I saved, and played back the video to see the result. The Horizon Aligning made horizon jumpy, and as you can see, the horizon in the original video doesn’t move much, so not sure why it became more distorted after I made that slight curve of the horizon line (in the Reorient).

Today I opened the project/Mocha plugin and this is what I saw (screenshot below). :frowning:

The cached render doesn’t save in the plugin, so that’s why you see that frame. It’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need to render in the plugin in order to render back to the host.

Are you able to send me the project so I can take a further look? This is technically separate from the original thread: martinb [at]

Hi! Yes, absolutely! I can send you the segment that I need stabilized. Please stay tuned.