Mocha Pro Stabilize data in AE

I recently shot a hyperlapse using a DIY dolly along the wall of the jama masjid in new delhi. Needless to say there was a lot of camera shake. I’ve been trying to stabilize the stills in mocha and then export the data from the stabilize module to AE for quite some time now but to no avail.

  1. 2130 stills were shot with a Nikon d800 at full resolution. The stills did stabilize fine in mocha. On pasting the stabilized data from mocha to AE I find that the stabilization is completely off. I also noticed that the stabilized data has no anchor point data.

  2. Is there any way of using the data from the stabilized module of mocha pro in AE?

  3. Also tried exporting the tracking data from mocha pro, pasted the data to the same footage on the first frame in AE. Deleted the position key frames and used the rotation*-1, and scale x=10000/scale[0]; y=10000/scale[1] expressions. But the shots have just not stabilized in AE.

  4. While tracking in mocha pro, I trackind by checking all the parameters, translation, scale, rotation, shear and perspective. Did a long track on my DIY dolly of around 50 metres.

Please tell me what could be wrong with my workflow…

Hi there,

You might not be pasting in on the first frame, or you might be not deleting the anchor point on the nulls you’re using to drive your stabilize, or your settings don’t match up.

To make this an easier process, we allow you to render out your stabilized shot out of the stabilize module. Just hit the same buttons you use to “track forward”, in the stabilize module they turn into “render forward.”