Mocha Pro - Stabilize: Warp possibly doubling up correction in AE?

I’ve tracked a face using the mesh tool, in Module Renders I’ve chosen the module Stabilize: Warp, Quality High and ticked the Render box. This all looks as I was expecting. I’ve then Pre-Comped my layer and applied the effects. On the Pre-comped layer I’ve copied the Mocha Pro effect and changed the module to Stabilize: Warp. It looks like it has maybe doubled up the unwarping correction.

I’m sure I’ve done something wrong, so if anyone has any suggestions for what could be some gotchas it would be much appreciated!

One thing I wondered is I started the track from the last frame, but this isn’t really avoidable on this shot.


Try pre-composing the pre-comp you added effects to, you might be having some plugin/effect conflicts.

If you’re using motion blur, some types of motion blur won’t play nice with Mocha renders and I am not sure why. I found Pixel Motion Blur works if you pre-compose the layer with Mocha on it.