Mocha pro standalone data to nuke

When you make use of mocha pro standalone with nuke, does it need to install any plugin or any node on nuke?

If we don’t need to do , can somebody open and see nuke script which is made by mocha data without watermark?

Mocha pro can export data to Nuke: tracking node, corner pin node, roto spline, spline warp, FBX, etc… Once you export, the data it is converted to a native Nuke node on import. No plugin is required on the Nuke side to import this data.

Mocha Pro also has “render functions” like object remove, stabilize, megaplate and lens that can either export to file OR can render as part of a Nuke script.

If Mocha is installed as a Nuke plugin, it looks for a license when a render call is made OR the interface is opened. Some sites use Mocha Pro as stand alone application and run the app next to Nuke and not as plugin.


Thank you very much for rapid answer.