Mocha Pro standalone V4, V5 does not do anything its supposed to

Hello. Am new to mocha and recently got the demo versions of Mocha (V4) and tried tracking with it. I have watched countless tutorials on tracking and removing objects and have repeated the process countless times, it seems to work in the tutorials but does not work for me. I crosschecked every setting and every thing but its still not working. I got the version 5 and still nothing. So i used Mocha for AE cs. This is a screenshot i took. after mocha standalone failing to track
anything, I tracked the cars and background using mocha for AE CS4 and
it worked very well. I then save and opened the save file using the
standalone version, it opened correctly but then when i try to remove
any car, when i hit render, it doesnt work, but then i get those wierd
little dot-cube shapes as you can see in the screenshot. Please someone help me

I don’t see any screenshot, so it is difficult to comment. If you don’t have a license, you will get watermarks on your renders.