Mocha Pro standalone


i want to know in which case the standalone version is usefull.

I tried to understand what are the pro’s for the standalone since the plugin exists…
Can i use the standalone for video editing software which does not have a plugin version?

Can i use it for Adobe CS6?

Thanks for helping!


For most users, the plug-in versions are the best choice, but here are some situations where you might want to use the standalone:

  1. Large pure-roto projects. Some of our customers have a large number of roto artists, who only do roto. If they spend all of their time in Mocha, using the standalone version avoids the facility needing to buy host software seats for these artists.

  2. Python scripting. Mocha standalone has a Python scripting engine and can be extended to integrate with asset management pipelines, provide custom tools, etc. This is something that large facilities find useful.

  3. Working with unsupported hosts. Mocha was a standalone application for a long time before it was a plug-in. In that time we developed workflows to export tracking and shape data to most vfx or editing software. As you mentioned, After Effects CS6 is an example of where you would need the standalone version because the plug-in only works in CC. Other examples include Autodesk Flame, Assimilate Scratch and any 3D packages where you might use Mocha’s camera solve data.

  4. Performance. There are some situations where Mocha standalone will render or track more quickly than the plug-in version. This depends on many factors and is different for each host, but if you want to track high-res footage with a computer that doesn’t have much RAM, standalone will be faster.

Hope this answers your question.

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Hello J-P,

thanks for the very helpful answer!

Another question:

why is there no way to buy the standalone version if you dont need the plugins !?
You have to pay the plugins too… thats why i did not understand.

I bought a few days ago the boris box set upgrade which includes mocha pro 2019 plugins.
But i own the mocha pro v5 standalone too.

And for the standalone upgrade i have to pay $595/$446,25 (sale price).
Thats a pretty step!?

When i didn’t own the standalone of mocha 5
i have to pay $1495 or $1121.25 (even if you own the multi-host plugins v2019)!

In my opinion you have a slight better upgrade price structure.

Please contact the sales team if you have specific needs that are not listed on the website and see what they can do for you: Boris FX | Contact Us

I already did…

Mocha Pro 2019 Multihost new license will cost:

Mocha Pro 2019 Multihost+Standalone new license will cost:

thats $500 for the standalone only.

Mocha Pro 2019 Multihost upgrade will cost:
$296,25 thats 70% off a new License.

Mocha Pro 2019 Multihost+Standalone upgrade will cost:
$446,25 thats 70% off a new license.

To be fair my calculated $500 for the standalone is a bundle price.

But even when the standalone will cost $1000
then the upgrade should be 70% off = $300!

Minus the -25% sales price.

I dont want to rant (its not meant to be a rant)
but the Mocha upgrade paths should be more flexible.

Or another way:
Pay the difference from the continuum+mocha 2019 upgrade and pay the difference to the mocha standalone+Plugins upgrade.

Historically, the standalone price for Mocha Pro has been $1,495 USD for quite a long time and has not been increased.

We decided to add the plug-ins to the standalone application at no additional charge. So, another way to look at this is the Standalone Mocha Pro option includes the plug-ins free because it is the top tier product Mocha product.

The Standalone application also requires more development than the plug-in as it has a Python scripting module and its own internal media engine.

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Thank you both for the informations!

As a home user i have an other definion of expensive,
think thats the problem i‘ve got.

For a company its (maybe) peanuts…

I sent Mike an Email.

I think I may be confused as well about this. I thought I had a license for Mocha Pro 5. Then when I upgraded using the Sapphire, CC, Mocha bundle option special, it seems my new serial doesn’t work with Mocha Pro standalone. Yet I had Mocha Pro standalone and used that serial to upgrade with. I’m confused on the differences when I use Mocha Pro inside AE and as Standalone too.