Mocha Pro to Fusion Workflow

Hi there, and greetings from France on my “first post” special occasion :wink:

I’m working a lot in the environment of Mocha Pro and Fusion these times, especially on inserting logos on ad panels on the side of a road, or - e.g. - adding a 3D logo on the roof of a moving tramway… Anything tracked is done in Mocha Pro, any 3D logo is made in Fusion. Just for you to know to figure out the potential workflows. I’m often in advertisement, music videos, sfx for shorts, gradings, …

Now, the problem - which is minor but torturing me, you’ll see - is that I have a lot of options to do that, and didn’t find the best way to achieve it and industrialize the pipeline : I could stay in Fusion for the whole stuff (since the 3d logo is created there), but I also may stay in Mocha where the tracking’s done, by mastering the insert module… that I actually don’t, I just realized it a few days/hours ago.

Actually i’d like to stay in Mocha for this work, instead of exporting tracking data to a Fusion .comp file : it works good, but I’d like to focus on a Mocha only workflow so far.

So is Mocha really able to handle 3d logos good in its insert module ? Any pain to schedule :wink: ? Do you have any other suggestions maybe to produce that another way(s) ?

Thx in advance.

Haha, it seems I should have had a look to your Vimeo channel before as suggested :frowning:

Sorry about that, thoughts appreciated anyway