Mocha Pro to Maya

Hi All

I’m relatively new to Mocha and the world of Match moving. For a project i will be using Mocha Pro to camera track and clean footage which i will then want to transfer to Maya to incorporate some animation which uses that data. What I want to know is, is there anyone who can help with the process and workflow of such a task? Any tutorial videos which show how Mocha interacts with Maya?

I appreciate this maybe relatively basic stuff but any help on how these two programs interact will be great.



Hi Chris,

We have a tutorial for how to get the data into cinema 4D, but not Maya. Have you checked out our videos about the 3D solver? Boris FX | Videos

The workflow for Cinema 4D is probably going to be your best bet for a similar method.

Generally, once you have solved for your camera, you will get a moving camera with still nulls (except for object tracking, which gives you moving nulls), and you will export that as an FBX. You should just be able to load the FBX into Maya and set the background plate on a BG plane. From there, add your models to your nulls.


Hi Mary

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I haven’t, but i will take a look now definitely. I have worked with Maya before and the FBX format, and that sounds relatively straight forward, perhaps im overthinking things!

In the future do you plan on releasing further tutorials to teach the workflow between Mocha and other 3D apps?