Mocha Pro Track off track with occluded object mattes - Right approach?


I’m using Mocha pro on a rather difficult track. It’s a backward dolly shot with multiple people crossing frame. I’m trying to track the ground where lighting cables are located in order to take them out. I have rotoscoped the individuals that cross the path of the track but when the rotoscoped people come in contact with the tracking plane the track gets distorted even though they have mattes on them. My concern is the rotos are too close to the bodies now. Is there a way to easily fix that. I did a test increasing the setting for the edge width but the track still gets distorted once it comes in contact with the obstructions. Is there a better way to try to track this? Any help would be appreciated.


I can see your roto is leaving their motion blur on the BG, just make a large garbage matte over the top and if you’re not using the most recent build available to you, update Mocha. There was an older bug where the FG wasn’t holding out properly from the BG.

You can also just try using a smaller shape to track and moving it around the shot as needed until you get the ground track you need and then linking the larger shape to that track.

Can you try that and let me know?