Mocha pro tracker issue

hey so after I’m doing the job in Mocha pro i getting back to after effect and it doesn’t getting the details right from the Mocha
i having hard time to import and get the right details
i tried few tutorials in youtube and purchase specific course to find out maybe i’m doing something wrong
and my mocha working different i tried to reach the support few times from 2 days ago
hope i will find the right answer here

Can you please describe what exact steps you’re doing to export data from Mocha to AE? Are you copying the data to Clipboard, or use “Apply Export” in AE plug-in interface?

i using apply track data and nothing show up

What version of AE and Mocha Pro are you’re using? In older versions, if you have more than one layer inside your Mocha project, first you need to click on “Create Track Data”, and select the needed layer. Once the data is created, then you should click on “Apply Export”

i did it its not exporting the right data the replacement objects i’m trying to add doesn’t get it or get it with wrong data

i need some of you guys to help me out pls i’m trying to reach with this issue for too long and i need this to fix ASAP

Sorry I’m not quite sure if I get what do you mean by “replacement objects”.
Could you please record a screengrab showing what’s happening in your project
i tried to record it let me know if know you get it

I see now.
Here’re the steps you should follow:

  • Put the image that you wanna use as insert inside a precomp.
  • Inside that precomp, stretch the image so that entirely fills the composition Height’s & Width.
  • Only after that, Apply data from the Mocha to that precomp.

Also, you should not use Mesh tracking for objects like phones. Screen is a flat surface, and the PowerMesh was designed to track non rigid surfaces like cloth, skin, etc.

Here’s the video i can recommend you watching, that covers all the vital stuff for using Mocha inside AE. Specifically the part from 18:40 covers exactly what you need.