Mocha Pro tracking problems

I’m trying to track a poster border frame that goes off screen, while it goes off screen the planar surface gets smaller and smaller thus resizing the picture i have inserted into the layer as you can see from the below video in the first seconds of the footage:

as you can see while its ON screen the tracking data are correct and image appears correctly placed.

I tried to manual track only for those specific seconds that my tracked object goes off screen and resize the frame and add key each time (tracking manually backwards) but what happens is that then the REST of the previously corrected footage gets messed up and the image frame changes size/position

so when i change the image size/place in the first seconds the rest of the clip has it placed in wrong positions how to maintain position ??


It just appears to be losing the track as you run out of information.
Have you tried using the planes at the start of the shot to help track the poster, either via unlinked tracking data or new shapes?

Hi Martin thanks for the reply, i have tried to track with different shapes in different regions i also unlinked the tracking data rom the picture layer and its the same. How can i track when im shooting from inside the car which looks stationary (but camera moves) and the outside moving


You need to draw a holdout shape on the car interior and windows and put that in the layer above the track layer in oder to hold the car out from the track, and you need to use “unlink” tracking as Matin suggests.

Try watching this tutorial to see what we mean: Boris FX | Mocha Tips: Shape Based Tracking, Part 1


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