Mocha pro tracking this help after effects

Please play this video i made for you to take a look and my project video.
When i try to track the side of the helicopter the track logo goes out of place not sure why.

video privew please play it.

Project file image sequence zipped.

i will appreciate if you can try work on this project and save the moch pro project file and send it me so i can test it in after effects again and also share information what to do and not to do thank you.

This is because you are adjusting with the layer spline and not the surface, which is the actual representation of what you’ll export and how you modify the insert positioning and corner pin.

See this tutorial on what this means:

Explanation of the use of the surface is about a third of the way in.

Sir can you share some information after looking at my video how i can go about redoing it without having any problems.
I saw this video before it is great.
Objects that don’t rotate are easier than the one’s that rotate

I’m certainly no Mocha expert, but in order to do a corner pin properly (which is essentially what I think you’re doing), don’t you have to enable the Surface Tool and then exand the surface area out to the edges of your picture frame?

Screenshot 2020-02-26 21.11.53

ok this time i added x-spline on body and the stand of the helicopter and now my logo is moving well.
only 1 problem when using psd is the edge of the patch sticks out i may need to animate it to push it in or use opacity to fade it out.

Looking at your video, it looks like you a misusing the Manual Track button. It looks to me that you are thinking the spline represents the track data. The spline is the search area and the you need to display the SURFACE tool which is how you can tell if the track is valid.

Keyframing the spline will not fix bad tracking data. The best way to ensure the track is good is view the surface and if it slips, do back a few frames, and try tracking a different area OR avoid the helicopter lades more.

Manual track is only used as a last resort to keyframe the surface, again not the spline.

Beyond that as Kenton suggests, if your new graphic is already placed in the appropriate context (scale and perspective) then you need to use the Align Surface to expand the surface corner on the appropriate frame.

guys please look at this update video now

can you tell me if this is the righ way i did?

Hi there,

It looks like you’re still not using align surface. Please see this tutorial for the explanation of why: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

As Ross stated, since you have already placed the logo, align surface is essential.