Mocha Pro Trial not working

I was wondering if you could help me with the following issue.
I have requested the trial license of Mocha pro, but when I try to render the effect, Mocha logos still appear all over the screen and a message pops up saying I should either buy a license or request a trial.
Is there any step I am missing?

Many thanks


If you are still seeing that message, it means the trial has not been activated.
After requesting a trial, what happened? Did you quit out of your host and then relaunch and apply Mocha Pro?

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I quit the program, relaunched it, applied mocha pro and worked on the effect.
The opening pop up window shows “The license will expire in 15 days”, so it looks as if it was activated.
But then when returning to Avid Media composer and rendering Mocha Effect, I see watermarks on screen.

Hi Ross,

Just an update on this- it’s working now, thanks for your help!

Thanks for following up and glad it was resolved.