Mocha Pro: UI Font Text Too Small

Hi, I’d like to fix this problem:

The font size is so very, very small.
I’m almost 40, my eyes can’t take this anymore! :grinning:
Sometimes Mocha will open, and the font size will be just fine.

Windows 10
GTX 3090
After Effects CC 2022 22.6
Mocha Pro AE Plugin 2022.5
3 Monitors
Main Monitor: Dell P2715Q
Res: 3840x2160
Scaling: 175%

I imagine it has to do with the 3 monitor setup. What resolution are the other 2 set to?

1: 1920x1080, 100% scaling
2: 1920x1200, 100% scaling

If the other 2 monitors are not active, does the issue still occur?
You said this does not always happen which makes me think it’s more related to your setup than to Mocha specifically. Using plugin?

I turned off the other two monitors and moved all of the After Effects windows to the main monitor. It still happened. (Maybe I needed to fully close and reopen After Effects, but that wouldn’t be a sustainable practice.

I’ll try to pay attention to when it does and does not happen, and update this thread.

Try setting your screen scale environment variable with MOCHA_QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS: